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Electrical package design and proposal

The identification of suitable solution represents a key-factor for our customers.

SEID offers an integrated engineering approach through a
design & proposal team with many years of technical experience, which is well prepared and highly specialized to support the customers’ sales team also during their quotation phase.

The design & proposal team analyzes the technical requirements and suggest the best products according to the end-user’s needs. It also pays attention to economic aspects, working with the customer to identify the most cost effective and competitive solution. 

Electrical package engineering

Among the services which SEID offers, the electrical engineering phase represents a key-moment for the production process. 

A dedicated team of project managers and engineers offer a complete project management support during the entire project-lifecycle, until the production and delivery. In these phases the interactions with the customer and project stakeholder, are essential. For this reason, SEID gives great value to organizational meetings either web based meetings or in-person meetings. The electrical engineering team uses development tools which are designed to the electrical sector, using their advanced functionality to provide complete and professional technical documentation. 

Instrument and control package engineering

SEID works throughout the project-lifecycle offering a software development team to implement the control and safe-guarding logic in the PLC control systems, HMI and SCADA supervision. 

To increase plant profitability, safety, energy savings and operability, SEID has developed during these years, innovative systems based upon proprietary software-libraries which include for example functions as:
• Anti-Surge protective functions

• Load-sharing and balancing performance functions

The Company is also highly skilled in the management of safety-related automation solutions. For these applications, SEID designs and guarantees solutions using brands and technology specifically engineered and certified. Following the risk analysis and safety requirements, the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) are developed and implemented in full compliance with standards IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and IEC 62061. 

Process automation package engineering

The software development and electrical engineering teams are supported by highly skilled experts with know-how in the industrial production processes.

Analyzing the packaged equipment, SEID supports the customer during: 

• The definition of the functional logic
• The selection of field instrumentation
• The interaction of the individual package with other components of the plant

SEID is always focused on the efficiency of the production system, supplying process control solutions which increase machine performance, maximizing profitability, production, and reliability. 

Production and assembling activity

The product lifecycle cannot end without the physical construction of the proposed and developed technical solution. For this reason, the production division finalizes the project and produces the final components.

Special attention is paid to the correct installation of wiring, cleanliness and precision of cabling, integrity of each component, and the conformity of the equipment with the technical specifications and international standards.

Every piece of equipment is tested in-house, painstakingly following FAT procedures, and under the supervision of the customer. 


A team of constantly updated technicians with a consolidated experience in the startup assistance, follow all service activities from the installation, field-testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance

Our staff is ready to deploy and help at short notice, all over the world, wherever and whenever the customer required support. It responds to the needs of the customer, both regarding the electrics, as well as the programming and system integration, collaborating with those who deal with the mechanical and process parts, with the aim of maximizing system performance.

Staff are not only required for Service activities, but also for decision ma- king, consultancy and support for IFAT, SAT, SIT and SPT (Site Performance Test). 

Spare parts

SEID works tirelessly to minimize downtime of the packaged equipped. On this way, we apply our quality principles to our aftermarket parts and support. SEID goods are proven to run longer and require less maintenance when using OEM components and spare parts. 

The Company works together with the customer to determine the best plan of action to deliver the parts and assist the end-user, if needed, at the site to do whatever is necessary to get the packaged equipped back on-line.