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SEID offers solutions for the supply of Unit Control Panels (UCP) based upon World leading PLC brands.

The PLC systems offered can feature single and redundant configurations for CPU, communication cards, I/O and power supply.

The Unit Control Panel designed by SEID are suitable for various types of packages like: air or process gas rotating equipments, filters, dryers, nitrogen generators, refrigerating packages, HIPPS and pump skids.

Each Unit Control Panel is designed in accordance with customer’s specification and in compliance with standard and norms as: IEC (International), CE (Europe), UL/CSA (USA and Canada), EAC (Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)), etc...

All systems are designed and programmed by our engineering division and assembled by the production division.

Our products can be integrated in all major control systems as a unique combination of hardware and software with a strong cybersecurity component. This enables dynamic and fail-safe control of entire packaged equipment increasing productivity and profitability.

Before delivery, all systems produced by our Company are fully tested following demanding Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) procedures, as previously agreed with the customer and the enduser.

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SEID also offers technical solutions in the field of medium and low voltage Motor Control Centers designed for motor starting and control up to 6300A.

The products may be either fixed or removable drawers, and with various designs, to satisfy the functional and installation requirements of the customer providing a so- lution to all types of applications, in full compliance with International norms and standards.

To support the customer in the energy cost savings approach, the Company can also provide MCC based-on VFD and Soft starter devices to implement a speed control of electrical motor. Infact, by ramping up the motor speed slowly, VFDs also help custo- mer save energy by reducing the in-rush and mechanical issues associated with starting motors across the line.

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