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Via Vittorio Veneto 125/I
Songavazzo, BG - 24020

Phone : +39 0346 72005

Pec: administration@pec.seid.it

Email : info@seid.it

Website: www.seid.it

Where can I stay?

During your business year, there are many opportunities to be guested in our premises - to attend a FAT, a meeting, training -, in these cases we suggest to book your accommodation in the below hotels.

Blum in - Rooms & Restaurant

 Relax, contact with nature,

culture and food.

Albergo Commercio

"For those who are passionate about their time"

and also for others.

Hotel Garden Ristorante

The joys of being on holiday at the Garden Hotel in Fino del monte, in the Orobic Prealps.

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