Safety and secure process automation

21.05.20 17:05:50 Comment(s) By bennice

Safety application with M580S in oil&gas application

Modicon M580 Safety ePAC is a secure, high performance automation controller for process safety applications requiring up to SIL3*/PLe* certification. Combining the performance of the flagship Modicon M580 with dual processing capability for controlling safety and process functions independently, the M580 Safety unifies independent plant safety and process control to protect the entire operating environment.

We have been able to satisfy the customer challenges in a oil&gas plant. In this scenario, a train of gas compressors have been controlled with Modicon M580 Safety PLC in full-redundant configuration, SIL3 certified and fully in compliance with the customer requirements.

Modicon M580 Safety has been the right solution to handle the compressor plants and ensure a safety approach and plant availability.

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