• Flexibility, independent and innovation   

    Mid-sized and owner-managed family company, independent in its financial and strategic decisions



SEID is one of the worldwide leaders in the instrumentation and control system supply for packaged equipment either that they are localized assembled or skid- mounted or complete process unit.

The Company’s headquarter is located in Italy at 70Km from Milan, and it began operations in the ’80s.

During the ’80s and ’90s it accumulated competencies in the industrial electrical engineering and installation.

At the end of the ’90s with the growth of the automation market trend, SEID has carried out an investment plan to improve the skills of its design, engineering, production and service divisions focusing on the industrial & process automation sectors.

SEID is a mid-sized and owner-managed family company, independent in its financial and strategic decisions. This gives SEID the freedom to advise the customer as personally and individually as it desire – and make the best decisions for his packaged equipment, together. 


SEID’s mission has always been complete customer satisfaction through offering turnkey services and tailor-made products which conform with both design specifications as well as the needs of the end-user.

SEID focuses on maintenance of process availability, increasing system productivity, optimizing control processes, and reducing lifecycle costs. 

Best solutions

Our project management considers all aspects of the project design, thanks to a holistic approach that includes all steps from design to manufacturing and delivering. 


Our systems include our branded software application ensuring you with the best plant functionality. 

High quality

We choose the best electronic components from the top vendor brand available on the market. 

Customer service

We can guarantee a worldwide customer support that includes customer personnel training, emergency fix and maintenance. 


Flexibility and prompt reaction

The availability, response time and customer support are essential to moving the customers’ project forward and reach its target. 


Design division

Electrical package design and proposal

Engineering division

Electrical package engineering
Instrument and Control package engineering
Process automation package engineering

Production division

Production and assembling activity

Service division

Field services

Training and education

Spare parts and OEM components