The communication technology offered by SEID represents the most up-to-date network infrastructure available on the market. Generally based upon Ethernet standards, it offers both high levels of inter-operability between equipment within a system, and the possibility to remotely access the machine or system to carry out remote supervision and maintenance work.

To facilitate communication between systems, our solutions are based upon standard communication protocols with proven reliability, such as MODBUS TCP/IP over Ethernet, OPC UA, PROFINET, ControlNet, etc.

SEID also offers solutions based upon SQL database systems which are usually found in SCADA systems used to control sections of medium-large sized plants, or when the client needs more diagnostic information in the medium-long term.

All of our systems are developed in accordance with international standards, carefully following the constructor’s guidelines and the needs of the client, and personalizing functional details while complying with the need to integrate low level control systems with DCS, MES and ERP distributed control systems.


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