Highly qualified field engineers, all around technicians, availability and SEID’s commitment to customer service and support are the keys to tackle any field customer’s need.

Commissioning services

A team of constantly updated technicians with a wealth of experience in the field follow all service activities connected to the start-up and maintenance of systems which feature our products. Our staff are ready to deploy and help at short notice, all over the world, wherever and whenever the client needs support.

Our staff are able to respond to the needs of the client, both regarding the electrics, as well as the programming and system integration, collaborating with those who deal with the mechanical and process parts, with the aim of maximizing system performance.

Our thoroughly detailed approach to commissioning includes the following:

  • Controlled and safe initial power-up of field equipment. SEID personnel check and verify safeties, e-stop circuits, field disconnects and lockout systems. This requires coordination with all site personnel, contractors, maintenance staff and owners. During this period we take ownership and ensure proper communication to all parties.
  • Commissioning of all process control networks. This includes all switches, ports, cables, fibers, connections, etc. SEID brings internal test equipment to the site to verify the field installation of your networks. Ensuring your networks are reliable is one of the most critical steps in the commissioning process, because future steps require that this backbone be in place.
  • Complete checkout of field devices to the HMI. At this point in the project, we have already verified our programming, HMI configuration and control panels; the focus during I/O checkout is field devices. We use electrical schematics as the primary commissioning document, and we verify every single field connection, from the end device all the way back to the HMI screen.
  • System dry runs. To verify the operation of your equipment per the sequence of operations, SEID will perform a complete “dry run” of your system. Testing the system first without product helps control the number of variables, ultimately reduces process waste and speeds up overall commissioning by functionally testing items without losing time on cleanup.
  • System wet runs. During this stage of the process, SEID will commission all items that require actual product, such as flow meters and cleanout timers, as well as set PID tuning parameters. We will also check for leaks and verify equipment performance under load.
  • Product development. SEID will work with process engineers to ensure that process data is available and will make any adjustments necessary to get the product to your specifications as rapidly as possible.

Staff are not only required for Service activities, but also for decision making , consultancy and support for IFAT, SAT, SIT and SPT (Site Performance Test).

Training & education

The start-up phase of any machine or system can be a critical moment, therefore a period of staff training may be necessary.

SEID can offer training on the use of its control solutions to its clients across the world.

Training courses can be held using installed control systems (live training), or using simulator systems which faithfully reproduce machine operation.

On-site training offers flexibility to plan training according to the clients’ needs, optimizing time and maximizing learning.

Our courses are generally aimed at process operators, maintenance staff, I&E, system and DCS engineers.

Remote access & collaboration

Whenever the system requires it, the proposed technical solutions may be linked to the outside world via secure internet connections.

In these cases SEID can offer a remote assistance service which allows technical experts to work in real time on the functionality of the system at any time and in any location worldwide.


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