Functional safety

SEID is highly skilled in the management of the functional safety of systems.

At its simplest a functional safety system detects a potentially dangerous condition and causes corrective or preventative action to be taken.

Functional safety is a concept applicable across all industry sectors. It is fundamental to the enabling of complex technology used for safety-related systems. It provides the assurance that the safety-related systems will offer the necessary risk reduction required to achieve safety for the equipment.

The oil and gas industry, nuclear plants and the machinery sector, to name but a few, all rely heavily on functional safety to achieve safety for the equipment giving rise to the hazards.

The engineered solutions proprosed by SEID meet the most demanding requirements of the client whenever systems need functional safety systems with risk reduction up to SIL3.

In these cases SEID designs and guarantees solutions using brands and technology specifically designed for this use.

Functional safety

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