Over the years, SEID has been able to build and keep the highest level of competence in design, being fully aware of its strategic important to success. Design is organized into two main steps: solution proposal and eletrical engineering.

Solution proposal

The definition of the technical solution represents a fundamental moment for our clients.
SEID is able to offer a technically skilled team which is well prepared and highly specialized to support the client also during the quotation phase, analyzing the design specifications and suggesting the best technical solutions according to the needs of the end user.

The highly proactive team also pays particular attention to economic aspects, working with the client to identify the most cost effective solution.

Electrical engineering

Among the services which SEID offers, the electrical engineering phase represents a fundamental moment for the production process.

In order to best satisfy the requirements of our clients, a dedicated team of Project Managers and specialist staff follow the complete life of the project, offering a complete Project Management service as well as producing a specific technical book to accompany the technical solutions which have been created.

In this phase interaction with the client and all personnel involved in the project is essential. SEID gives great value to project meetings and organizational meetings, including those using live-meeting and data-sharing technology.

The design team uses development tools which are specific to the sectors in which SEID works, using their advanced functionality to produce complete, professional technical documentation.


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